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For Better Or Worse (Yaimary)

For Better Or Worse (Yaimary)

After watching the program segment, “For Better or For Worse” (Original Airdate: April 2018), complete the following tasks:

1. Write a summary of the content presented, specifically the following:

· The physical transformation of Carol as Alzheimer’s disease progressed, and

· The emotional and relational transformation of Mike as Carol’s disease worsened.


2. Write a reaction to the story of Carol and Mike and their experience with Alzheimer’s disease.

· Discuss any personal reactions, emotions, or connections to the material presented.

· Make meaningful connections between the course material (e.g. developmental theories, like Erikson, Schaie, and Sternberg) and the story of Carol and Mike.


NOTE: Your responses must be in an essay form, formatted in the APA Style, 7th

Edition. The essay must be at least three pages, but no more than five pages long, double-spaced,12-pt font in Times New Roman. A title page is required, but no abstract or extra sources are required to complete the paper. You are permitted to write in the first-person point-of-view when responding to the second part of the essay.