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Week 8 – In-Service on At-Risk-Youth

Week 8 – In-Service on At-Risk-Youth

Week 8 – In-Service on At-Risk-Youth

Create an eight-to 10-minute in-service presentation on a group of at-risk youth.

Utilize PowerPoint or on online tool such as PreziLinks to an external site. or Haiku DeckLinks to an external site. to animate and narrate your presentation. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube for how to animate, narrate, and record presentations on any of these tools.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • The reason the group is at risk, what makes the individuals in this group vulnerable?
  • Internal and external behavioral characteristics of the group.
  • Factors involved at school, at home, and in the community with statistics to justify your claim of vulnerability.
  • What, if any, supports and services are available to them
  • An intervention for your group that you develop or something you have discovered through your research.

Post your presentation in the following forums by Wednesday:

  • In-Service on At-Risk-Youth discussion forum to share with your classmates
  • In-Service on At-Risk-Youth assignment submission forum for your instructor to grade

Note. If you used PowerPoint, upload your video to a shared drive such as Google Drive or Alliant’s OneDrive and submit a shared link to the presentation. If you used an online tool submit a viewable link to your presentation.