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The Policy Alternative Comparison

The Policy Alternative Comparison


The Policy Alternative Comparison will be graded using the appropriate sections of the Policy Brief Checklist that you used in Short Writing Assignment 1 to critique policy briefs. The Table is the culmination of your learnings in this class. It must be a high quality written material with no grammatical errors or muddled contents. The Table MUST follow the given format.

1. : Use your Topic Summary and turn it into a One page Executive Summary addressed to a Policy Decision Maker. It should include:  statement of the POLICY PROBLEM, history of the problem, costs and viable policy alternatives.

2. Paragraph for each of the policy alternatives. There should be an easy-to-understand discussion of the ways to solve the problem (i.e., alternatives) and the cost impact of solving versus not solving the problem.

3. One-page discussion and recommendation of which alternative would be the best in terms of health outcomes, what would be the best in terms of affordability, what would be the best in terms of implementation, for political feasibility in current legislative context. Make a recommendation, which alternative do you recommend and why should the decision maker agree.

4. must include a comparison table of the alternatives. The policy alternatives need to be compared using real categories using numbers and potential outcomes (i.e. cost/benefits; ROI, VOI, technical costs for implementation; political feasibility; etc.).   YOU CANNOT compare alternatives in the table USING VAGUE CATEGORIES SUCH AS PRO/CON OR FAVORABLE/UNFAVORABLE OR YES/ NO;  be aware you will receive a ZERO on the assignment if you do this.  Suggested column headings for alternative comparison table:

Policy Alternative Name Identification of and Number of Stakeholders Equity of Alternative Number of Individuals Affected by Solution Cost of Implementation (costs per capita) Costs if not Implemented

(costs per capita)

ROI or VOI Technical Feasibility Costs / Benefit Political Feasibility (Party Platform Conformance)
Policy 1: Status Quo                  

Some of the heading may not be appropriate depending on what your policy problem actually is, there might be other column heading that make more sense. Use your judgement in what to include.