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Leadership Styles And Philosophy At Lakeside Bank

Leadership Styles And Philosophy At Lakeside Bank






Read the Case Study and use it to answer the questions

Leadership Styles and Philosophy at Lakeside Bank

Angela Mills was recently hired to work at a branch of Lakeside Bank as a personal banker. The branch is very busy and has a large staff, including three on-site managers. As a new employee, Angela is trying to figure out how to succeed as a personal banker while meeting the expectations of her three different managers. Angela is paid a salary but also receives commission for the activities including opening new accounts and selling new services to customers such as credit cards, loans, insurance policies and stock accounts. Personal bankers are expected to open a certain number of accounts each month and build relationship with customers by exploring their various banking needs and offering services to meet those needs.

Marion Woods is one of the managers at Angela’s branch. She has worked at Lakeside Bank for ten years and prides herself on the success of the branch. Marion openly talks about employees’ progress in terms of the number of accounts opened or relationship established and then commends or scolds people depending on their productivity. She stresses to Angela the importance of following procedures and using the scripts that she has provided to successfully convince customers to open new accounts or accept new services with the bank. As a new banker, Angela has not opened many accounts and feels very uncertain about her competence. She is intimidated by Marion believing that the manager is continually watching and evaluating her. Several times Marion has publicly criticized Angela, commenting on her shortcomings as a personal banker. Angela tries hard to get sales numbers up so she can keep Marion off her back.

Bruce Jackson, another manager at Angela’s branch has been at Lakeside Bank for fourteen years. He started as a teller and worked his way up to branch manager. As a manager, he is responsible for holding the staff’s Monday morning meetings. At these meetings, he relays the current numbers for new accounts as well as the target numbers for new accounts. He also lists the numbers of new relationships the personal bankers have established. After the meetings, he retreats back into his office where he sits hidden behind the computer monitor. He rarely interacts with others. Angela likes when Bruce retreats into his office because she does not have to worry about her performance scrutinized. However, sometimes when she is trying to help customers with a problem that falls outside her banking knowledge, she is stressed because Bruce does not provide her with any managerial support.

The third manager at the branch is Samira Yawson. She just started at Lakeside Bank within last year but worked for nine years at another bank. Angela finds Samira to be very helpful. She often pops in when Angela is with a customer to introduce herself and makes sure everything is going well. Samira allows Angela to listen in when she calls dissatisfied customers or customers with complicated request, so Angela can learn how to manage these types of interactions. Samira trusts her staff and enjoys seeing them grow, encouraging them by organizing games to see who can open the most accounts and offering helpful feedback when customers interactions do not go as planned. Angela is grateful for the advice and support she receives from Samira and looks up to her because she is competent and kind but however feels intimidated by Marian. As for Bruce, she has hardly had more than two conversations with him. (http://www.homeworkmarket.com)

1. a. Explain the leadership style practiced by Marian at Lakeside Bank . [6 marks]

b. What TW O (2) major effects does Marian’s style of leadership have on the staff?

[4 marks]

c. According to the passage, what style of leadership is practiced by Bruce? [2 marks]

d. List TWO (2) challenges associated with adopting Bruce’s leadership style. [4 marks]

e. Describe Samira’s leadership style. [6 marks]

f. In your opinion, what TWO (2) benefits does Samira’s leadership style brings to Lakeside Bank’s employees. [4 marks]

g. What TWO (2) factors might influence you to choose the right style of leadership? [4 marks]