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Gays’ Wives And Her Children

Gays’ Wives And Her Children

I would love to discuss same-sex wives’ emotional struggles, married life, and self-identity. It is also interesting to discuss whether or not children growing up in this environment will impact gender identity and sexual orientation development. I will review the relevant academic literature through libraries, databases, and the Internet and look for statistics to analyze better the social context and current situation of growing up with a same-sex wife and her children.

Tongqi wives would be an excellent place to start — maybe by looking for research online and in wive’s groups in China.  There isn’t as much of an organized setting in the US, although films have dealt with the topic, like Making Love (1982).

Using your outline as a guide, approach a topic that has appealed to you critically.

  • Submissions should be roughly six pages in length.
  • Keep to one style guide; MLA, APA, or Chicago preferred, but regardless stay consistent.