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Exploring the Hospitality Industry

Exploring the Hospitality Industry


1. Of the people you have read about, watched videos about, OR the course content in the latter modules of this course – which OVERALL AREA has inspired you the most and is the area that you’ve found most interesting among the topics? Why do you feel this way? Does it tie in to your intended major and/or career path?


2. Part of your college learning experience is to rule OUT possible occupations, professions, or specific jobs. Which hospitality and tourism job or area of the business is something you will definitely NOT consider among your professional choices? Why do you feel this way? What, in particular, did you hear/read/see/learn that led to this personal feeling?


3. Have you personally taken the career assessment offered through FAU – Major KnOWLedge which helps direct you to a potential the major AND career choice?  If yes, what was the outcome?  If not, why not?

If you have not yet taken this assessment, remember that it is FREE for students.  Dr. Ricci recommends that you take this assessment for your own career path self-knowledge and reflection. Even if you are a graduating senior, it’s never to late to learn about what potential career areas may “spark” your excitement and interest.

Other than Major KnOWLedge, have you taken any other career assessment tool?

QUESTION #4 (be sure to answer all portions of the question)

4. In response to the all the articles about Florida reaching various milestones for visitors and the ongoing fight about whether we SHOULD or SHOULDN’T fund tourism promotion to our state (articles found primarily in Module 1)

What are your overall comments on tourism promotion for Florida after learning about the hospitality industry in this course?

What makes us a great destination?

What could hurt us in the near future in regards to our ability to continue to attract visitors?

Do you personally suggest visits from your out-of-state friends and family members – why or why not?

What are your thoughts on the articles discussing “over” tourism?