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English Homework 3

English Homework 3

Reflect on the prior five weeks in the course. Please write a 250-500-word reflection using APA Style. In four paragraphs, discuss your:

1. Academic background and your motivation for selecting and attending GCU

2. Program of study or degree

3. Future career goals or plans

4. Although this course may not have necessarily aligned with your field of study, how have the concepts and assignments in this course prepared you for success in your future courses?

Be sure to use APA Style to complete the assignment. Please review the  APA formatting tutorial video  for assistance using the Microsoft Word APA template attachment. The tutorial reviews how to update the title page, main body, references, and more.


Academic background ( I transfer from Miami Dade college after doing an Associate of Art in accounting)

Current program ( Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

Future career or plans ( do my master in accounting, get the CPA license, open my own company)

You can work with that.