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To determine what factors are most likely to have an impact on an offender or a justice-affected person, a human service professional needs to conduct a comprehensive assessment. Like last week’s assignment, this week you will explore additional assessment tools that have been created. Not only do you want to know what assessment tools are available to you, but you want to be able to determine which one is going to provide you with the data you need. In this assignment, explore how these assessments can provide you with different types of information and what you can do with that information.


Imagine you have been asked to write a review of two assessment tools used with offenders for a newsletter.


Review “ Offender Risk & Needs Assessment Instruments: A Primer for Courts .”


Select 2 of the instrumentals profiled in the index.


Research the 2 instruments using course readings and 2 additional articles from the University Library. Consider the following questions for your research:

· Where would you use the instruments (e.g., probation, prison, jail, diverse program)?

· How would you use them?

· Why would you use them?

· What are specific examples of how the instruments would be used?


Write a 700- to 1,050-word article for the newsletter that compares the 2 instruments and in which you:

· Describe each tool.

· Explain how each tool works.

· Determine which tool you feel is the better instrument.

· Justify your selection.

· Include an example of how the instrument would improve the analysis of a client’s situation and provide assistance to the client.

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