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Discussion – Parenting Style

Discussion – Parenting Style

Discussion – Parenting Style


Discussion Topic

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Activity Time: 3 hours


Parenting is influential on developing children. Parental responses shape attachment in infancy and continue impacting development during early and middle childhood.


Initial Post

Define the four parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved.

Select one parent style and create a scenario between a parent and child that demonstrates the parenting style. The scenario should include the actions or words of the parent and how the child would respond to this behavior and explain how the scenario fits into the selected parenting style.


Response Post

Reply to a peer whose definitions or scenario helped you understand the parenting style. Attempt to respond to a peer who chose a parenting style different from the style you selected in your initial post. What about the definition or example that helped you understand that parenting style?

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