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Child Development

Child Development

Week 2 Assignment: Case Study Analysis: Worksheet

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If you have not already done so, watch the video,  Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love , which covers the strange situation test. Use the  Case Study Analysis Worksheet [DOCX]  Download Case Study Analysis Worksheet [DOCX] and your understanding of the case study to analyze assumptions and evidence presented in the video.

To fill out the worksheet, work your way through the table of analysis components, and include your responses in the rows next to the components. There are notes in the table to help you identify what is needed in each area. As you complete the worksheet, make sure your responses accomplish the following:

· Explain the main purpose for researching this phenomenon in the case and developing a theory in child development.

· Apply the presented point of view to the research findings.

· Identify the video’s position or point of view. Who, or what group, is represented?

· Describe the physical, social, or cognitive aspects of child development discovered.

· Highlight the primary arguments the author makes in regard to each category.

· Apply theories of child development to the case.

· Summarize and cite at least one other child development theory to apply.

· Compare and contrast your selected theory with the theory within the case to explain your rationale.

· Apply existing research findings to a suggested recreation of research.

· Imagine recreating this research. What would you change in order to obtain stronger results?

Assignment Requirements

As you write your responses, be sure to:

· Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a psychology professional.